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Sea Lion Rescue

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of animals are entangled and die in discarded or lost fishing nets across the world. Two dedicated women in Mexico have been tracking dozens of entangled sea lions that are slowly being killed by nets cutting into their necks. Watch as they lead an international team of veterinarians and wildlife experts to capture the sea lions and perform delicate surgery to save them.

Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays:

10:30 am 
1:30 pm


Watermelon Magic

watermelon magic movie poster

Watermelon Magic is like no other film. It’s a sweet combination of story and science and the first big screen film devoted one of our most basic human needs: healthy food. International audiences will delight in this nearly wordless burst of color and music. Weaving together documentary and narrative elements, Watermelon Magic chronicles a season on the family farm, as young Sylvie grows a patch of watermelons to sell at market. How will she let her babies go? 

Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays:

3:00 pm

Click here to watch the trailer.