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Color the Grove 5K

May 3, 2014

Color the Grove

"The Color the Grove 5K is an event that shouldn't be missed! Fun, challenging, energizing and unique make this run an adventure. Last year, myself and a group of friends from my World Camp Crossfit class decided to participate in the Color the Grove. We knew we would be prepared for the run because of our daily workouts. We didn't know what to expect but decided the run sounded like fun. Fun is what we had! Sure we got in a great run and enjoyed the exercise, but the color aspect made it unique. By the time we finished, we were a rainbow of colors and laughing with each other about the experience. We were already talking about doing it again the next year.

I know we will be participating in the Color the Grove 5K this year! I would encourage everyone to do the run, no matter if you have to walk part of the way. Get ready for some fun exercise and lots of laughs! I'll see you at the starting line!"  

- Tina Mitchell

Color Run Jump


Join us this year on May 3rd to celebrate spring by running through a rainbow of colored powder in downtown Albany!

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Water is provided by the Kattalistt Group with help from Casa Tapatia, Faircloth Bonding and Mattress World.