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Scavenger Hunt

Critter Hunt

  • Best for grades K-2
  • Students will receive a picture of an animal whose home is located in the Flint RiverQuarium. The picture may be hole punched, so a string can be threaded through it and used as a necklace. Each student must search for his/her own critter. Please stay with your group.  Once the teacher verifies the critter match, the student is told the critter fact found on the teacher key. 
  • Note: If students have trouble searching for their critter, see the teacher key for critter location. Keep in mind it is possible that some animals will not be found because of our constantly changing natural environment.




Quarium Questions, Grades 3-5

  • Best for grades 3-5
  • As you float through the RiverQuarium students can fill in the answers for each question. Use the letter that is in the circle to answer the question at the end. The location of the answer is in parentheses. The teacher can check the students answer with the teacher key.



Quarium Questions, Grades 6-8

Have your students explore the RiverQuarium while they fill in the blanks to the questions. Be sure to use the teacher key to check the student's answers. The rubric can be used by the students before they begin or for the teacher as an assessment.