Quarium Classes

Labs are an extension of the science classroom with hands-on experiments and may include animal experiences. Our labs are aligned with Georgia Performance Standards. Each lab lasts 45 minutes-1 hour. All labs are $4.50 per student with a maximum capacity of 35 students per lab class.

Available Labs

All ages


This class is available for all grades and ages. We take a closer look at the differences between reptiles and amphibians and their importance to our environment, while giving students a close-up experience with some of our residents here at the RiverQuarium.



Pollywogs & Puddles

Designed to align with Pre-K curriculum standards, Pollywogs & Puddles is an introductory, sensory science program with classes offered at both the Flint RiverQuarium and Thronateeska Heritage Center. Two classes are available:

Rides a Raindrop: Learn all about the journey of water as it travels from sky to land and back again.
Talks about Turtles: Discover the fascinating world of turtles, tortoises, and terrapins, oh my!




Amazing Animals 

This lab focuses on a variety of animals, comparing their features, colors, sizes, and habitats.


First Grade

Needs of Life 

Students will learn about the four basic needs of life: water, air, food and shelter. This class has the option of either focusing on animals in the lab classroom, or on plants in our Golly Gee Garden.


Second Grade

Life Cycles

This class explores the life cycles of various animals found at the RiverQuarium through puzzles and activities.


Third Grade


Students will learn about various animals' habitats and how they adapt in their ever-changing environments.

Water Conservation

Students will look at the impact of our water footprints and how to conserve water in our everyday lives.


Fourth Grade

Food Web

This class focuses on various ecosystems, energy flow and how all life is connected through the food web.

Water Cycle

This class gives students a better understanding of water by taking them on a journey through the water cycle.


Fifth Grade


This class focuses the classification of vertebrate and invertebrate groups and takes a closer look at animal characteristics, adaptations, and behaviors.


Middle School

Water Quality Control

Students will perform Adopt-A-Stream standard water quality chemical tests on Flint River water samples and analyze their results.

Macroinvertebrate Mayhem

Students will perform Adopt-A-Stream standard water quality biotic tests on macroinvertebrates found in the Flint River.

What's Up with Water

This lab focuses on the structures and importance of aquifers and watersheds and demonstrates the effects of non-point and point source pollution.

Water Quality Field Day

This option is an all-day, hands-on interpretive experience focusing on the Flint River water quality, watershed and ecosystems. Contact us for additional information.


Students will dissect and analyze an animal. Choose from a variety of animals, subject to availability. This lab may incur an additional cost. Contact the Education Curator for additional information and scheduling.


High School

Water Wonders - Chemical

Students will take an abiotic (chemical) survey of the Flint River water and learn how the happenings in a watershed affect the river flowing through it.

Water Wonders - Biological

Students will take a biotic survey of the Flint River waters and learn what macroinvertebrates can tell us about water quality.


* Contact the Education Curator to customize a lab for your class according to your current curriculum. STEM programs encouraged!